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Top 10 Ways to Declutter

Prepare your living space for the refreshing embrace of spring with these practical tips. From revamping
your wardrobe to tidying up the family zone, these practical tips will help you create a more organized and
rejuvenated living environment.

  1. Wardrobe Revamp
    Declutter your closet by donating or selling unworn clothing from the past year, and as you do your seasonal switch, pack away winter items to make space for your spring wardrobe.

  2. Purge Paper Piles
    Sort through paperwork, bills, andmail. Shred or recycle unnecessary documents.

  3. Kitchen Clarity
    Declutter kitchen cabinets and pantries by getting rid of unused utensils, dishes, and gadgets, along with expired perishables.

  4. Family Zone Tidy-Up
    Engage in a bookcase edit by donating or selling books you’ve already read or don’t plan to read. Simultaneously, encourage a toy triage, involving kids in the decluttering process by donating toys they’ve outgrown or no longer use, creating a more organized and enjoyable family space.

  5. Bathroom Bliss
    Revamp your bathroom with a double impact by clearing expired toiletries from counters and disposing of expired health supplies and medications in a refreshing medicine cabinet

  6. Junk Drawer Discipline
    Tackle the infamous junk drawer, throwing away items you no longer need.

  7. Furniture Trim
    Consider rearranging or removing furniture to create more space.

  8. Electronics Evaluation
    Recycle old electronics and cords you no longer use. While you’re at it, initiate a digital detox by organizing and deleting unnecessary files, photos, and apps on your devices for a streamlined digital space.

  9. Linen Liberation
    Declutter linen closets by donating old towels or sheets. (Animal shelters love sheets & towels.)

  10. Garage Harmony & Garden Revival
    Harmonize your garage by decluttering tools, sports equipment, and unused items. At the same time, initiate a plant pot purge, discarding broken or unused pots and unnecessary garden supplies. This joint effort fosters a more organized space, laying the groundwork for a lively garden revival in anticipation of the upcoming spring season.

By decluttering your home now, you not only create physical space but also cultivate a sense of clarity
and harmony, setting the stage for a renewed and invigorating season ahead.

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